Off Center KIP-1


The KIP-1 product is a BLH NOBEL off-center tensiometric system used to avoid product breakage and machine jams with consequent production stops. Off-center load cells find many applications, for example in textile machines, converting, plastic films and winders. KIP-1 guarantees a high torsion resistance against torque forces and overload and it is easy to install.

Further Information

Technical Specifications in PDF

PVS: 46/2012


Technical Specifications

Rated load RL: 10, 20 kN
Combined error: ±0.1 % RO
Repeatability: 0.02 % RO
Safe overload: 100 % RL
Ultimate overload: 200 % RL
Material: Stainless steel
Degree of protection: IP 67
Temperature range: -40 ÷ + 80 (+ 100 optional) °C
Temperature effect on zero balance: ±0.005 % RO/°C
Temperature effect on output: ±0.005 % output/ °C
Rated output RO: 1.020 mV/V
Zero balance: ±2 % RO
Insulation resistance: >4 G Ohm
Input resistance: 382 ±3 Ohm
Output resistance: 350 ±3 Ohm
Recommended input: 10 Vdc/ac
Maximum supply voltage: 18 Vdc/ac
Rated output tolerance: ±0.25

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